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Please note, as this is a pay as you train class, NO FREE Trial is offered, classes are at £5:00 payable to the instructor before each session.

Classes in Coventry are held at Bishop Ullathorne school and run every Monday 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm TERM TIME ONLY.

These classes involve pad work, fitness, stretching, Sparring, and conditioning. Classes are for over 11’s and are based around Semi contact and point fighting “kickboxing” competition rules.

We do have access to competitions for those interested, through locally Kwon, and through our links with many national and international Taekwon-Do association such as PUMA and Heart Of England U-ITF.

For many competing will be the last thing on their mind, well rest assured if it’s just a new hobby with a difference, and a way to help you get fit, and stay fit I’m sure you will certainly do that here

Mr Tizick has trained national and international champions, as well as being a twice World Taekwon-do champion himself, with a good record of producing students to compete in Kickboxing events. He is currently (2015) British U-ITF sparring champion.

Come along and give it a go, its £5 per session, no contracts like many others, just turn up and pay as you train.

First time? Don’t worry, we have many beginners here, come along in lose tracksuit bottoms or shorts, a t-shirt, and comfy trainers, and bring a bottle of water.