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ITF OPEN in Coventry

May 2nd

More details and entry forms to follow shortly. One not to miss. We took a great squad last time and came back with masses of medals.

Ginger Ninja Trickster

He of the Youtube fame (youtube if you havn’t seen him before) will be coming to TSTUK for 2 of 1 ½ hour tricking classes, the first will be open to those who wish to try but have never done any before. The second will be reserved for those wil some experience wishing to progress further.

Both sessions will be at the TSTUK centre and limited on numbers. Keep your eyes peeled as it will be first come first served on places.

Black Belt Grading Info

The Mock grading is to be on May 1st at TSTUK, and the actual grading will be 20th June at the Alan Higgs Centre.

Please remember dan graders need to fill out an application form to be handed in by February in order to be eligible to grade.

OPEN ITF Comp - Coventry

May 2nd lets get another big TSTUK team out for this.

TSTUK Trickz squad

We started a small demo team of Martial Arts trickers. A mix between Martial arts kicking and Gymnastics. This is an invite only session on air track. However if you have gymnastics training to a goo dlevel and wish to be considered, please speak to an instructor.


Well Done:

Evie Edwards - Gold Patterns

Cairan O’Brian - Silver Sparring

Kobi Tizick - Bronze Sparring, Bronze Patterns, Silver special technique

Jon Tizick - Gold Patterns


TSTUK took part in a Demo at the War memorial park for the Coventry Donkey Derby.  6 members also completed in the charity event “space hopper” race.

Mrs Tizick in Schools

Mrs Tizick has been busy teaching at lots of schools in Coventry. Photo on the right is from the Wyken area at Caludon Castle school