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Access by Three Spires School, Kingsbury Road Coundon, Coventry CV6 1PL
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On 29th May Mr & Mrs Tizick taught private all day from 9am with all money paid going to the Charity close to one of our members family.

June 14th our “Box to the Beat” boxercise class will lso add to this amount and go towards the charity. We have spaces left on the course, please help fill it up and raise enough money to make a difference.

The Open ITF International.

Well done, over 60 TSTUK entered the Open ITF International in Coventry and we took lots of medals. The results will be on the Open ITF page soon, well done to all of you, especially Mrs Tizick who took Gold in Patterns and Sparring. Photos in the gallery HERE

Black belt master class


Hall of fame award

Mr and Mrs Tizick picked up their 3rd “Martial Arts illustrated Hall of Fame” award in Doncaster at the weekend.

What is Taekwon-Do?

Its a Korean martial art given to us by the founder General Choi Hong Hi on 11th April 1955. The art consists of 24 Patterns, self defence, sparing, and breaking, as well as Korean terminology and history knowledge.  

If a school isn't teaching these basic aspects of the art.

Its not Taekwon-Do

What we teach at TSTUK is unified throughout the World.

July 13th  Next coloured belt grading, Coventry full time centre. Times will be on the invite letters.

29th June Black belt grading, Alan Higgs centre Coventry