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Next coloured belt grading will be in  few weeks, date to be confirmed. Make sure you are practising at home.

Black belt grading is booked for June 30th 2pm. invites to those eligible to grade will be out soon to take a pre grading Mock test.

A new site www.tstuk.co.uk will have all the information of activities taking place at our full time centre.

Mr Tizick features in Decembers issue of Totally Taekwon-Do magazine. The magazine that can be subscribed to online features Mr Tizick on the front cover and a 22 page interview inside with lots of photos from the past and present. The article names “rising up” is about the journey from beginner to full time centre owner.

Mr Tizick was invited to RAF Digby on 7th December. He spent a day there coaching the Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing teams on site. He has been invited back for future sessions in the new year.

Most classes are full at present, so if you miss your usual days training and wish to catch up on another day, this can be arranged but please book in advance. If 8 people are missing and all wish to catch up on the same day, there just isn’t the room in classes, we need to book in and catch up on days that are available. Simply text or message to book in.

Dragon art work by local artist. Our entrance looks amazing. Local friend Andy Clare from Fargo Village did the work free hand in 2 days. Andy has his own unit at Fargo village, as well as selling paint and art work, Andy offers classes in graffiti art. Well worth checking it out.

Did you know? You can access the social club from the gate next to our entrance; you do not have to walk all the way around the outside of the building.