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Above Coundon Social club. Shorncliffe Road. Coundon. Coventry. CV6 1GP

TSTUK membership comes with FREE membership to Coundon Social club, however to get your membership card through TSTUK you have to fill in one of our forms in the Dojang and then return it to us at TSTUK, please do not take it to the club yourself.

TSTUK will then process your membership application for you and you will receive your membership card back from us.

Please note at some point the club will become members only and if you want to use the club whilst a child trains or at the weekends for personal use you will soon need to be a member.

Competition 1st July

Unified ITF in Alfeton we will be attending this event and hopefully putting on some squad training for those interested in competing.

Mr Tizick will be the RAF team coach for the upcoming inter services championships in July.

We seem to have a lot of NEW students joining from other local schools of recent, please note:

To all those who have signed up this week

Welcome to the TSTUK family

Well done to all those who came to “Box to beat cancer” The room was packed out, and

Over £300 was raised.

TSTUK Dragons program

TSTUK were the first group in the area to do a Martial Arts syllabus for the 4-7 year old range with our successful “Small but mighty Warrior” program that has now ran for over 10 years. This program as not only gone on to produce Black belts in later years, but has also produced World Champion Taekwon-Do fighters.

We have seen the need to break down this syllabus even further and create a Dragon program which will allow us to reward children more regularly.

Some children currently on the Warrior program will transfer to the Dragons program which will lead them to the same eventual goal, but allow for smaller more regular rewards to keep their interest and benefit their development.

Zoe is also running this more broken down program to take children even younger. A Wednesday day time class has started to integrate children from 2 ½ onto the Dragons program at an earlier level.

If your child has been asked to move to the dragons program and you don’t understand why or what it is, please ask, but in short it is the same system but allows for more achievable goals between current tips to maintain the interest of the children.

The system is designed to improve, listening, coordination, gross motor skills and balance among all the other benefits of Martial Arts classes.

Private or semi Private sessions

These are great for students leading up to grading’s or competitions, available in any area of Taekwon-Do, also with any instructor you wish, so long as they are available and willing.